Pigs ‘n’ Pearls



This record is of epic lust, childish anger, digital fear, simple laziness, blue love, human self-loathing, no one, and the inner conflict of a fire-starting fireman, that of a large fulminant theater of – how could it not be exciting and surprising – human existence.

One Million Dollar Band performed all songs on this record live – except the guitar overdub on Funny Bones – between cold spring and hot summer in the year of two thousand and thirteen on their own equipment in the slater horse studio on their own farm in the hills. They would like to say take your life in your own hand, get dirty from work, let love be bigger than you, use your brain, dance and sing as much as you can and if you are a really bad human die and go to hell.

S.J. Brunkow played resoelectric guitar, barriton “El Trovador” resophonic guitar, tricone resophonic guitar, “old cheap space monkey” solid body guitar, fret-less bass, “Mandobird” mandolin, 5-string open back banjo, “Taurus” basspedal, theremin, elder fife and sings.
G. Brunkow played the drums and the aluminium table.

Mastering by Gavin Lurssen, Lurssen Mastering, Hollywood
Lacquer Mastering by Ron McMaster, Capitol Studios, Hollywood; Ron McMaster is the drummer of Public Nuisance, newly reissued by Thirdman Records (Jack White)
Pressing and Digital Distribution by Morphiusdisc Manufacturing, Baltimore
Recording and Mixing by S.J. Brunkow at Elend Records, Hagenbuch, ZH

Capitol Tower, HollywoodCapitol Records Tower, Hollywood




Where to get the new album:

  • Klang und Kleid GmbH,  St. Gallen, http://www.klangundkleid.ch
  • Rathouse Records, Bern, http://www.rathouse.ch
  • Voodoo Rhythm & Pantichrist Hardware, Bern
  • Chop Records, Bern
  • 16 Tons, Zürich
  • REC REC Laden, Zürich
  • Katalog Record Warehouse, Zürich
  • Elch Records, Basel
  • Atlantis Records, Basel
  • Zero Zero Baden, Baden
  • Old Town Store AG, Luzern
  • Co-Mix Remix GmbH, Luzern
  • Zig Zag Records AG, Thun
  • Disc-à-Brac, Lausanne
  • Alhambra Music, Lugano