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11.01.2019    New Album Fruitrat 1 !!!!!!! 58 tracks, 16 Instruments, 1 Microphone. A great humanistic story.      

fruitrat 1

13.06.2018    Video, the dead Rooster Anthem on Swiss Tv, SRF 2 Selection.

1.06.2018      the dead Rooster Anthem

the Dead Rooster Anthem


1.04.2018:         the Lightning’ Hop




15.12.2014: WINNER Best Blues Album December 2014 of The Akademia Music Awards, Los Angeles, CA:
‘There is something gritty, visceral and real about this growling blues band with its saturated guitar riffs and unpretentious production that is refreshing.’




19.08.2014: Worldwide release date of “Don’t beat your love”: the album for sale is scheduled to be released Oct 07, 2014 (originally released in 2010). Now available domestically in the US for the first time.


14.08.2014: Worldwide release date of “Pigs ‘n’ Pearls”


13.06.2014: “Pigs ‘n’ Pearls” now available at The Voodoo Rhythm & Pantichrist Hardware Store


07.06.2014: New LP “Pigs ‘n’ Pearls” is number 1 on the Top Ten list of records on Klang & Kleid, .. oh yeah!


Ekke Korn, Head, Master and Commander of the real independent label “Smoking Hell Records” based in St. Gallen, Switzerland, stated:
< One Million Dollar band started a new genre “Outsider Blues”. >
Cool, weird, loud and to the point, it’s art, stupid. Who said this? Nobody! But this very loud. And what do the members of the band say? Nothing at all.